Let’s meet . . .

. . .Newcomer of the Year 2014 Lawrence Clifford

In an occasional series we’ll be delving into the lives and times of some of our most prized members by getting them to answer key questions. If you have ideas for additional, important questions please email info@sttiernanscc.com

1. What do you do to pay for your bikes?

I would do anything for bikes, but I won’t do that. Seriously, going through a career change at the moment. I’ve had enough of sitting at the computer so looking to get back to some skilled manual work. Right now Mrs Clifford is paying for the bikes (Ed – chapeau Mrs Clifford).

2. Do you remember the first bike you owned?

My very first bike was a Raleigh Sparkler; it did indeed sparkle. My first entry-level road bike was a Giant Speeder; it did indeed speed.

3. How many bikes do you own now? All the details please.


1 2005 Giant TCR. Aluminium main triangle, carbon forks and stays, Campagnolo Veloce groupset. One of the best bikes I’ve ever owned.

2 2014 Moser 111. Carbon frame, Shimano 105 groupset. Great value, but needs some serious upgrades starting with the wheels (Ed – Mrs Clifford, that appears to be a hint).

3 1986 British Eagle Randonee. This bike is a beaut, but needs some real TLC. The frame is Reynolds 531cs tubing, a mixed bag of components and will be my winter trainer.

4 1991 Marin Eldridge. It was a great bike, but has been used and abused on and off the road and is now sitting outside looking rather sad.

4. Describe your best day as a cyclist.

A day (well, a section of time lasting 21 minutes and 28 seconds to be precise) during the summer of 1998 finishing a 10 mile time trial in less than 22 minutes for the first time. When you consider I started time-trialling four years earlier with my first attempt being more than 31 minutes, I was quite pleased with my progress which had nothing to do with puberty.

5. And your worst.

Cycling back from work in Switzerland, I was hammering down the road from Verbier and I overtook a car. At the next hairpin bend I got down low to try and maintain as much speed as I could but started pedaling too soon and clipped my pedal against the tarmac which sent me sliding on my arse. The car stopped and the driver, who was Australian just to rub it in, got out to make sure I was okay. I was okay but felt like a right cock.

6. Have you climbed a Tour de France mountain?

Yes, Col du Lauteret, Col de Mongenevre, Col de Sestriere and more climbs used in the Giro rather than Le Tour.

7. If you could pick any three people in the world to ride the 21km ascent to Mont Ventoux with who would you.

Miguel Indurain, Gordon Ramsay and David O’Doherty

8. What would you do at the top?

Eat well, have a ruddy good laugh and try learning a bit of Spanish.

9. What’s in your jersey pockets now?

A banana, an innertube, mobile phone, Harry Potter – Prisoner of Askaban and a key to an Aston Martin. That’s all true except the banana.

10. Lastly, what did you have for breakfast?

Bran flakes with a banana. See, I already ate the banana.

. . .and that’s goodbye from Clifford. Check him out in action in the racing gallery and don’t forget to tune in next time for more gems from one of Tiernan’s finest.

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