About St. Tiernan’s Cycling Club

Our club was founded in 1984 as St. Tiernan’s Cycling and Adventure Club and was established by parents in Dundrum and Sandyford for the students of St. Tiernan’s Community School. Their aim was to get students involved in outdoor sports and cycling. As the club’s popularity grew more people from the area joined and at the start of the 90’s it became exclusively a road cycling club.

The Club Today

Throughout the past 30 years, St. Tiernan’s Road Cycling Club has consistently graced the pelotons of road races, club leagues and touring events throughout IrelandOur core members are dedicated riders and involved in running every aspect of the club. Every single member of our club adds his or hers own personal touch, whether it is out training, racking up race results or ensuring the club runs smoothly. If your interest is racing, mountainous 200km events or just cycling for fitness, we strive to make all our new members feel welcome and involved with our club.

Every year our riders participate in a club racing league, open racing events, Irish Touring events, and international events such as L’Etape du Tour and Tour of Flanders as well as road cycling training every weekend.