IMPORTANT – Club Spins & Licences

Over the last two Saturday spins, seven riders have hit the ground due to ice. The committee has decided to implement a zero tolerance policy with regard to cycling without a Cycling Ireland license. If you have no license, you will not be able to join the Saturday group.

New members are welcome and are insured for their first three outings with the club.
Frosty conditions- members should pay close attention to the website and Facebook page on Thursday and Friday for notices on change in route and departure points and delayed departure times.

Effective from 25th January – unlicensed riders will not be permitted on club spins.

The Saturday spins are group rides are for socializing, telling tales of cycling heroics, getting in steady base miles and building aerobic fitness. They are not interval sessions. The group should stay together if possible for the duration of the ride.
Cycling Ireland licences are not part of the club membership and must be obtained from the membership section on their site:

If you have any questions about licencing please don’t hesitate to contact the club.

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