ICL R17 – Race Report & Results

by Marc Farrelly
Cracking race this evening, limit and semi limit were bundled in together and the lack of a threat from having no chasing group led to a far more sedate pace than usual. With a few close calls in a tightly packed bunch that only broke into two in the last 600 meters it was an interesting experience. I held up nicely in the front half for the first two laps but an unexpected bunching on the small uphill where it appeared the speed almost disappeared, I had to swerve right and then put the foot down to overtake the bunch to get back on the left side of the road. I didn’t realise that another Tiernans man had followed me thinking I’d made a ridiculous early break. We decided to let the group catch us as we wouldn’t stay away and we merged back in (although looking back, I wonder what we could have done).

St. Tiernan's Cycling Club

Feeling that I’d never win in the final sprint I turned into an assholeand went out to reel in any and all people who tried to make a break on the N81(obviously if any of our own had mafde a break I’d either try and join or just ease off) and succeeded quite well, stopping 3 separate attempts at a break away, much to the dismay of Usher and Orwell. As we turned off for the bridge it was good to see that there were six tiernans jerseys in the front bunch, I got boxed off in the final climb and had to settle for approximately 20th or so but it was fair to say that there were 6 of us in the top 20, a slightly early tear away just stopped 2 or 3 lads placing as they sprinted off maybe 100 meters to early from what I could tell (although it was crowded).

If we can get such a strong showing and good tactics going again, I can see us doing quite well in the next few races.

Great race, and some great marshalling, a few suicidal racers on the outside now and again were abused by the group until they pulled in and it was great to see an overall positive push for safe cycling.

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