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ICL Training Night

Inter Club League training night - Thursday 18th April, Maldorn Hotel, Tallaght, 18:30 We’re organising a training spin next Thursday night, 18th April, for all the inter club league riders. Think it would be good to get everyone together, especially the newbies, for a group spin in advance of the league kicking off ... More

Cycleways Cup, Navan

Some rider reports from the Cycleways Cup, Navan - 3rd March 2013 John M A4 race was quick and the rolly nature of the course meant lots of bursts of hard work. I made one little trip of the front during the first lap. Someone else was heading up the outside of the bunch so I followed along and went up the road a little. ... More

Interlclub League 2012 Final Results

Rob Kelly and Martin Vereker took 6th and 10th respectively in the overall GC for this years Interclub League. Tiernan's had a great showing this year and weather wise in probably one of the grimmest summers on record. The enthusiasm to race from our new members was great and really helped the club presence this year. ... More

Charleville Park Two Day 2012 Full Report & Photos

Thanks to Brian Hayden for the report and photos “St Tiernan’s have been dominating this climb as they have been since the beginning of the stage” this is what crackled over the race radio in the A4 race that led to whoops and hollers from the inside of St Tiernan’s very swanky back up vehicle. Our excitement was ... More

Charleville Park Two Day 2012 Report

Thanks to Andy Lakes for the report At about four o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Brian Hayden rang me for a chat. He was very calm and friendly and asked if we had any news. At that time Brian, Paula and Adrienne were serenely sailing along in the A4 cavalcade, admiring the countryside. Their only worry was how they could ... More

Rob Kelly 1st in Club League (SS) & Results

Rob Kelly took 1st (Semi Scratch) and Michael Mescal 8th (Semi Limit) in last nights Club League. Rob has just completed Mizen to Malin for charity just last Saturday and continues his excellent form. Tiernan's showed great from controlling the races. Unfortunately Mick Dempsey sustained a nasty fall 300m from the finish ... More

ICL R17 – Race Report & Results

by Marc Farrelly Cracking race this evening, limit and semi limit were bundled in together and the lack of a threat from having no chasing group led to a far more sedate pace than usual. With a few close calls in a tightly packed bunch that only broke into two in the last 600 meters it was an interesting experience. I ... More

Rob Kelly in the Results again

The mighty Rob Kelly seems unstoppable at the moment as he placed 6th with some very tough competitors in last nights Club League. He will be moving up to Semi Scratch in just a couple of months of racing. Well done Rob! View the Full Results from the Club League Round 8 in Brittas More