Sally Gap seven finish Happy Pears

August 9, 2014 – Saturday was a Sally Gap kind of day, which is good, because that’s where The Routemaster wanted to steer his ship, as reporter-rider David Corr found out.

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SEVEN headed out from Parkvale at 9am and we were down to five at Enniskerry.

The five left Enniskerry for Powerscourt but Lawrence reminded us that there was a better hill, Kilgarron, just around the corner, so we course corrected and headed that way.

Through Glencree we went on to Sally Gap. We came across another Tiernan’s rider, Gavin, on the way. He was post Sally Gap and waiting at the the foot of Kippure, we reckoned he was out on a solo and headed on.

At the junction, due to time curfews and other reasons, Kevin and Michael, decided to turn right and loop back through Kilbride, so we were surprised when a couple of minutes later, on the way to Luggala, Kevin tore past on the descent!

On the way to the Roundwood Road, we parted ways for real at the junction and five became two as Lawrence and I motored for Roundwood and the three turned left for home.

We had good pace going from Roundwood to Annamoe, (36.8km/h) and conditions were really perfect. Laragh was a water stop and before Rathdrum and again, between here and Rathnew, the pace was up.

Lawrence did most of the pulling but I kept telling myself he needs the training and we covered the 10.7km at 44.9km/h. We stopped off in Greystones in the sunshine at The Happy Pear for coffee and then made our way home via Bray and the Old Conna climb to the Enniskerry Road.

The weather was excellent and we were fortunate to make it back to Park Vale before the rain hit. Sorry, we had no picture stops.

Thanks David Corr. Considering joining him next week? All the information is here: club spin.

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