Rob Kelly takes a win in Qatar

Setting off in a bunch of 81 riders, an hour before the professional stage
of the Tour of Qatar, Rob Kelly was the first glimpse the locals had of a
St. Tiernan’s rider. I’m sure they won’t forget him. In temperatures
between 25-30 degrees, the pace was fast and furious. Rob had been ill
with a flu and missed two weeks prior to this event but showed no signs of
weakness when he infiltrated the break with 20km to go before the finish
in Doha. There were three other riders with him as they made it onto the
finishing circuit. With the bunch closing in, the breakaway riders were
able to surge again to open up another lead which would guarantee high
placings for each of them.

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With around 300 metres to go, the leaders opened up the sprint. Rob
managed to get on the wheel of one of the lads who took off up the right
hand side of the road. With the calmness of a professional, Rob took time
to see what gear his opponent was turning and saw that he was in his top
sprocket and riding at the limit. Rob had kept one gear in reserve and
changed up before making his move. Powering past, he managed to pull ahead
and won by about three bike lengths.

A fine victory in a prestigious event.

Congratulations Rob from all your club mates back home.


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