Nutrition & Hydration for Training

At last Saturday’s club spin there was some talk of cramping which lead to various different opinions on the use of sports drinks while training. Andy Kenny of posted this article on his website on hydration and nutrition for cardio training. It highlights the importance of hydration and especially electrolyte deficencies which, when occur, can affect decisions, co-ordination and balance. All vital when riding and could cause you to have an accident when affected.

“When electrolyte levels significantly drop, brain functions slow down, causing confusion and you can make snap incorrect decisions. Your reaction times drop, your balance, coordination and proprioception worsen. Your muscles begin to cramp or strain, you may experience nausea or stomach cramps, your body temperature will raise causing you to overheat and in worst case scenarios collapse/faint.”


Read the Full Article Here and identify electrolyte deficiencies during training

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