Let’s meet. . .

. . .Club Champion John McGettigan

In an occasional series we’ll be delving into the lives and times of some of our most prized members by getting them to answer key questions. If you have ideas for additional, important questions please email info@sttiernanscc.com

1. What do you do to pay for your bikes?

I work as an engineer

2. Do you remember the first bike you owned?

A red and white Raleigh. I used to cycle it around the estate like a lunatic; I remember the GP who lived on the road went to my parents and said I was going to kill myself on it – I was just after clipping the back of his car as he was reversing.

3. How many bikes do you own now? All the details please.

Just two. A Corratec Dolimiti 105, which I use for training and commuting, and a Canyon CF SL, which I use for racing.

4. Describe your best day as a cyclist.

I have had a lot of great days especially this year. The best was probably Liege-Bastogne-Liege in April. It was a great day out and very challenging. Watching the pros the next day was great too.

5. And your worst?

I don’t think I have had too many bad ones, and the bad days don’t seem too bad in hindsight. I had two awful training spins for Liege this year when I was cold, hungry and a long, long way from home!

6. Have you climbed a Tour de France mountain?

No, but I would love to try a few!

7. If you could pick any three people in the world to ride the 21km ascent to Mont Ventoux with who would you choose?

It would probably be most enjoyable with a few friends. Dan Martin, Seán Kelly and Contador would be interesting, but I probably wouldn’t see them after the first 100m.

8. What would you do at the top?

Check my brakes for the descent.

9. What’s in your jersey pockets now?

A bar and a gel.

10. Lastly, what did you have for breakfast?

Oats, eggs and toast.

. . .and that’s goodbye from McGettigan. Check him out in action in the racing gallery and don’t forget to tune in next time for more gems from one of Tiernan’s finest.

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