Let’s meet. . .

. . .King of the Hills Alan Cody

In an occasional series we’ll be delving into the lives and times of some of our most prized members by getting them to answer key questions. If you have ideas for additional, important questions please email info@sttiernanscc.com

1. What do you do to pay for your bikes?

I pay dearly with the missus, who beats me when a new addition arrives into the house

2. Do you remember the first bike you owned?

My first proper bike was a Kona Cinder Cone. Wonderful bike; steel frame, steel fork, thumb shifters, toe clips. Won my first race on it (Enniscorthy MTB champs), sold it a few weeks later and frame cracked in two. Oops!

3. How many bikes do you own now? All the details please.

Storck Absolutius, Scott Addict (for sale, by the way), Kona Kula Watt, Carbon cyclocross bike, SAP winter bike and half a bike fixed to the turbo

4. Describe your best day as a cyclist.

Cycling the Alps; amazing mountains.

5. And your worst?

Being chased last year in the 10mile TT by Martin V. Could feel him breathing down my neck.

6. Have you climbed a Tour de France mountain?

Yes. Went on a cycling holiday with a few lads we did all the Alps, d’Huez, Ventoux, the lot. Best spins ever.

7. If you could pick any three people in the world to ride the 21km ascent to Mont Ventoux with who would you choose?

Elvis, Ivan Basso and a professional football player, to show them what a real sport is all about.

8. What would you do at the top?

Wait (for ages) for the footballer!

9. What’s in your jersey pockets now?

Right now? Banana skin and baby’s bottle.

10. Lastly, what did you have for breakfast?

Scrambled eggs with chilly flakes.

. . .and that’s goodbye from Cody. Check him out in action in the racing gallery and don’t forget to tune in next time for more gems from one of Tiernan’s finest.

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