Let’s meet. . .

. . .Club League runner-up Fergal May

In an occasional series we’ll be delving into the lives and times of some of our most prized members by getting them to answer key questions. If you have ideas for additional, important questions please email info@sttiernanscc.com

1. What do you do to pay for your bikes?

IT things, and stuff

2. Do you remember the first bike you owned?

No, but I remember going over the handlebars and losing a few teeth aged six or so, and a year or two later I went head first into a concrete pillar on a BMX bike (this might explain a lot).
A Raleigh chopper might also have been in the mix at some point.

3. How many bikes do you own now? All the details please.

Three; A Canyon ‘the good bike’, a Ridley ‘the winter bike’ and a Cervelo TT bike.

4. Describe your best day as a cyclist.

Hmmm. My most recent best day was a 150km spin near Santa Barbara, California. Two coffee stops (one of them purely to get wifi to gloat to everyone that I was on holidays), about 50km of dedicated bike lanes, and Di2 on the rental bike. Best spin of 2014!

5. And your worst.

Well on my first visit to Mondello, somehow I was leading the race with about four laps to go and I took the wrong turn. Don’t ask! it’s complicated!!

6. Have you climbed a Tour de France mountain?

About 15-20 of them, mainly in the Alps. For scenery Cormet de Roselend is tops. For the viciousness Col Du Marie Blanque is a doozy (4k at 11%). Pound for pound Col D’Izoard is as good as I’ve seen. Alpe D’Huez is good too, but overrated.

7. If you could pick any three people in the world to ride the 21km ascent to Mont Ventoux with who would you

Will Ferrell for the sophisticated conversation, King Kelly to ensure I’m making the calculation and Lance, so I could push him over the edge should the opportunity arise*

8. What would you do at the top?

*Hire a good lawyer

9. What’s in your jersey pockets now?

Credit card, cash, a Cliff Bar, multi-tool, phone, race licence

10. Lastly, what did you have for breakfast?

Today? Far more than normal; yogurt, toast, coffee, orange juice, nature valley bar.

. . .and that’s goodbye from May. Check him out in action in the racing gallery and don’t forget to tune in next time for more gems from one of Tiernan’s finest.

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