Let’s keep Laragh tidy with clean cycling

August 14, 2014 – With one month until our Friends First Laragh Classic we have been spending a bit of time in our host town – and liking it, a lot.

Laragh is a passing-through kind of town; on a bike, you’re often either going up the mountain or recovery from coming down it. It’s a refuge.

It’s a place to refuel, fuel-up, warm up, dry off, chat, meet, drink and ride on. The two cafes on the two greens draw you in, welcoming and packed with goodness – behind the counter and in front of it.

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One day, cold and hungry at the top of Sally Gap in a sharp mist, the thought of that tea will keep you going. It’ll get you home – and it’s also a lot of people’s actual home.

We take it over for one day in September for the Friends First Laragh Classic and we figured we owed the community for that, so €1 from every Laragh Classic entry will go towards Laragh’s Tidy Towns effort.

It will help keep Laragh looking as the countryside should, without the gel wrappers in the hedges and the bidons in the ditches, and we hope our fellow cyclists will help further.

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