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Alan Cody took 3rd in the Scratch / Semi Scratch DMS race in Brittas last night. Bad weather conditions, some dangerous driving and an unfortunate spill for our own Richard Gallagher made for an event filled race but not all good. We had Tiernan’s riders in the breakaways and with a good placing from Alan it’s clear that Tiernan’s will start to creep into the results over the next few rounds.

A report from Marc who was marshaling the race:

I have marshalled before and have driven support car for a charity event years ago (involving an interesting game of leap-frog, a trailer, An Garda Siochana and Galway City) but last night was my first night as a lead car for a race and it was interesting to say the least.

I set off leading the Semi limit, at a remarkably fast pace considering the weather, the average speed was over 40kmph for the straight along the N81. As I constantly flicked between my rear view mirror and the road ahead. All I could see was the line of cars doing an overtake in my rear view mirror with only the first two having a clear line of sight ahead of the group. I went on ahead, flagging cars to slow down as I worried about the overtaking cars having nowhere to go but into the group.

I took the left down to the T where I seen a Lucan jersey making an early break for it and making about 40 or 50 metres on the group, taking the right I pulled in as far away as I could from the junction to wave cars to slow down (which they all done with a smile on their face but as I was about to take off again I looked in my rear view mirror to see a Dark Car barrelling through the bunch, zig zagging through with scant regard for the cyclist and then tearing down the road in my direction. I stayed as long as safe to see no one had fallen (I didn’t see anyone go down but the Marshalls were there regardless) so I ploughed on. All the way to the bridge this car drove within a foot of my boot and to say the temptation to slam on was their was an understatement but I thought better of it, there may have been a reason for the reckless driving (not sure what but you never know).

I took the turn at the bridge and waved him around me as I figured I had a few minutes before the group arrived. this was not to his liking as he pulled up beside me to rant and rave. I smiled, pointed out that your not allowed overtake on a bend and that the road was not wide enough for a afe overtake at the time he attempted it as there was cars parked in the general area to which I reciecved a barage of Fs and Cs explaining how we are not allowed take up the road (it was for the guts of 20seconds). Realising I had no time for this as by my calculation I had no time for this and was not in a safe position (well he wasn’t), I asked him not to worry, I had his Reg and I would be discussing it with the Gardai, I unfortunately did not have time for this at the moment. He pulled in further up the road to give out to the other marshalls as he screamed about my reg plate and reporting me.

I enjoyed staying calm at this point as his head looked ready to implode at the mere thought of patience and common sense.

After this I seen one of our own jerseys pulling ahead with a clear lead that remained for most of the race as far as I could tell, while he seemed to be caught near the end, he did stay in the small splinter group up near the front and put in a powerful performance. I didn’t get his name (or make out a face) but it was a great performance.

The rest of the trip was pleasant after this with every other car giving a wave, slowing down and pulling in if appropriate (except for one who blew by me but at least slowed down.

The only other incidence of note was my fear coming back onto the N11 as I could not see cars slowing at all but a large vehicle with yellow lights pulled in and gave a rear escort for a short period of time.

I pulled in to the right at the end to see those who I had been looking back at power up the final climb, although it has to be said the sprint finish for the limit group was nothing short of pure class with a group of 8 or so powering through the final few metres at top speed.

Can’t wait to get back out and race though.

by Marc Farrelly

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