Club Spin 18th Feb

We added a bit of interval riding before rejoining the rest of the group in Roundwood. I was able to bore everyone on the the road the Djouce, with recollections of my first ever club race, where a supremely fit Shane Stokes caught me on the line to claim an impressive victory. I think it was perhaps 1995.

Anyway, back to the present. Charlie seemed to be getting faster as the spin went by. He pointed over towards Powerscourt and up the mountain behind it. It was here, he explained, that Aidan was competing in a mountain running race. The new riders definitely seem fitter these days. When I started out cycling, a cigar and a brandy was my favourite recovery technique. Now, they run up mountains.

After speaking with Brian, we spllt the group and I ambitiously, some might say foolishly, hung on to Charlie as we headed home. The weather stayed really nice as we nipped home through Stepaside and back towards Dundrum. I felt like I’d done a stage of the Ras. These new riders are good!

by Andy Lakes

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