Club Spin 14th (leisure group)

This week’s touring group was a small happy group of 3 of the Club’s more recent members – myself, Aisling & Aidan, who set off together from Park Vale for a spin to Roundwood. With varying levels of fitness & time demands, we agreed the route suited us all & set off at a respectful distance behind our racing club-mates, who looked very impressive with so many more in their group than ours. Several Senior Club members did offer to join us for support, which was really appreciated, however we assured them there was no need! We kept them in sight for a few kilometres but soon were comfortably cycling along just ourselves.

Having followed the now-familiar route as far as Enniskerry, we took the left fork down the steeper descent in to the village & up out past Powerscourt, which took us to the long hill to Roundwood. Aidan & I enjoyed the climb, although Aisling had a few leg cramps to deal with along the way, and then all of us sped in to Roundwood at a speedy pace, looking forward to our chocolate stop 🙂 En route, we also noted an unfamiliar cyclist who passed us with another group along the way – in unfamiliar-style blue shorts with St Tiernan’s clearly written on it – an old Club design we presume?

Several recruitment strategies for the touring group were discussed over snacks, as well as the unexpected snow on the ground, then we started to freeze & quickly got back on our bikes to get moving, get warm & get home. We cycled back on the quieter road past Ballinastoe mountain bike track & I for one wished I’d had my ski gear & overshoes on. I don’t think we’ve had such a biting cold wind since our New Year’s Day outing! The temperature thankfully regained a few degrees as we got back to base, delighted with the spin we had done.

As the morning progressed, I was also delighted to hear of various other women hoping to get out in the next couple of weeks through various members, including at least one from the Hospice (bike permitting), as well as our other recent female touring cyclist Catherine. We are delighted she enjoyed her first spin out with us recently & to hear that she is planning to be back out in the next couple of weeks.

Paula Thomas

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